Inspiration Commerce: Next level

May 15, 2020


By attending this webinar, you will be one of the lucky few to get a unique glimpse into the engine room and future of online inspiration with Click&Cook® from Arla and Creuna.

From launching as a small proof of concept, to now having onboarded some of the biggest retailers in Denmark, Click&Cook® has proven to be a valid strategic direction for Arla in ensuring that Arla's products are put into the evergrowing online basket.


Mads Kunø from Creuna, will talk you through how user insights and experiments has helped shape the user experience, as well as guide the strategic business decisions. Evolving from static recipe pages through enhanced shopping lists, into a tangible shopping basket, delivered to your doorstep by some of the largest retailers in the business.


The Commerce side of things will be tackled by Rasmus Dalby Jørgensen from Arla, shooting strategies and business requirements left and right – why have Arla decided to go down this path, and what is the future for Click&Cook® as a strategic direction?


The webinar will be in English, and it's free to participate.